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  1. 5 Top common questions 

    1. Can I set up a subscription ticket with Lottoland?
    2. Are my winnings with Lottoland guaranteed to be paid out?
    3. What is DoubleJackpot?
    4. How can I reset my password?
    5. How can I view the transactions on my Player Account?
  2. Lotteries and how to play 

    1. I have clicked on 'Submit' in the Cart and the payment icon keeps circling but does not complete the transaction.
    2. Do you pay out all the other prize tiers offered in a lump sum?
    3. How do I create and submit a new ticket? Below are details on how to play and choose your own numbers.
    4. What happens after I create and submit new ticket?
    5. My date of birth is incorrect on my account. Please can this be changed?
  3. Payments and funds 

    1. How can I view my registered Bank Details?
    2. I cannot make my payment and have cleared my History and tried a different browser.
    3. What do I do if the payment for the Lottoland ticket does not work?
    4. Can I edit my registered Bank Card details?
    5. Can I remove my Bank Card details from my Lottoland Player Account?
  4. Player Account 

    1. How can I view the transactions on my Player Account? Can I view my payments on my Player Account?
    2. Account deletion+
    3. How can I contact Lottoland Support?
    4. I have a small balance in my account but do not wish to claim this or play. Can I still close my account?
    5. You can close your account with the following steps:
  5. Promotions 

    1. I wish to stop receiving the promotional e-mails from Lottoland.
    2. How do I unsubscribe from the Lottoland newsletter? What Notification options do you offer on a Player Account?
  6. Responsible Gambling 

    1. Maximum Daily Deposit Limit
    2. Gambling Responsibly on the Lottoland site
  7. Scratchcards 

    1. Are my Scratchcards shown in my player account?
  8. Subscription 

    1. How the payment for your subscription works
    2. Can I set up a subscription ticket with Lottoland?
    3. Do I have to keep a Subscription renewing forever?
    4. What is the JackpotHunt subscription? What is the JackpotHunt Subscription feature?
    5. How are the renewal payments taken?
  9. Terms 

    1. Do I pay tax on my winnings? Are my winnings taxable?
    2. Complaints procedure
  10. All articles 

    1. Bitcoin Lotto
    2. What is the Bitcoin Lotto?
    3. What is Bitcoin?
    4. How does playing on the Bitcoin Lottery work?
    5. How do I play on the Bitcoin Lottery at Lottoland?
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